Enriching Hawai'i's business community through intelligent local investment.

Koa Capital Partners is a Hawaii-based private investment firm focused on buying and running local businesses in Hawaii. Koa seeks to preserve, enhance and grow local businesses that can both compete and beat out mainland competitors, while providing a proving ground for the next generation of leaders.

Overview of the companies we are currently invested in.
Makai HR
Makai HR is on the cutting edge of HR service automation in Hawaii. Run by a crack-whip team of industry veterans, Makai is redefining how HR is done in Hawaii. Utilizing paperless cloud based technology, the company offers small to medium size businesses in Hawaii a turnkey HR solution for their employees that is easy and cost-effective.
PREMIER Restoration Hawai’i
Premier is Hawaii's foremost provider of restoration services including water, fire and wind damage, mold remediation and asbestos abatement. Operating statewide, Premier has grown significantly under Koa's ownership, focusing on customer experience, project pricing and long-term industry relationships; making it one of Hawaii's largest and most respected restoration firms.
Accel Event Rentals

Accel is Hawaii's largest and most respected event rental company. Accel now operators on both Oahu and Maui and will soon expand to Kauai and the island of Hawaii. From large format tents to crystal glassware and everything in between, Accel is a truly a one-stop shop for all event rental needs.

Steve's Plumbing Service

At Steve's Plumbing Service, our professional plumbers understand the importance of your plumbing system to your home or business. You and your family rely on your residential plumbing system for some of your most important every day tasks. Your Oahu business cannot be as productive as possible if your plumbing system is malfunctioning. Steve's is also a leader in the fast growing pipe lining business which can be an economical longer term solution to ending the constant stop-gap fixes that comes with aged plumbing infrastructure.

Get informed with the latest news
Koa Capital Partners’ portfolio company Accel Event Rentals offers to donate state's largest tent in help to fight virus
April 3, 2020
(Honolulu, HI) Accel Event Rentals, the state’s largest event rental business in Hawaii has been discussing the possibly, should it be needed, of erecting the football field size tent to act as a makeshift field hospital.
Investing in Hawaii and kamaaina
March 20, 2020
Landon Mizuguchi, vice president of mergers and acquisitions and chief financial officer of Koa Capital Partners' portfolio, is deploying $50 million in new equity to small- and medium-sized businesses doing most, or all of their business in the Islands.
Koa Capital Feeds Growth in Hawaii Companies
April 1, 2019
How a Hawaii-based private investment firm is helping local businesses flourish and guiding them as they grow.